Tampa Interior Painting

Looking For An Tampa Interior Painting?

Hiring a contractor for a home painting job can be intimidating. Not only are you trusting your vision in our hands, but it’s an investment in your most valuable asset. Our customers keep coming back because we understand this. Not only do we keep the process comfortable, but the quality of work we leave behind is also well worth the fair price you pay.

Our Interior Painting Services

Whether you’re looking for an extreme makeover or have a specific room in mind, we’ll work with you from concept to completion!

Kitchen Painting

Not only is the kitchen the heart of the home, but it also serves an essentially functional and aesthetic purpose. From cabinets to wallpaper removal, let us bring your kitchen back to life, ensuring that it stays enjoyable and retains its value.

Living Room Painting

Your living room serves a critical function, keeping your family and guests comfortable. If this space is getting a bit outdated or worn, it may be time for an upgrade. Not only can a paint job make this living space more enjoyable, but it can also make your home easier to sell.

Bedroom Painting

If there was ever a place you wanted to keep beautiful and dust-free, it’s your bedroom. A fresh coat of paint does both of these things. From deep blues that provide an oasis to sunny golds that light up a room, the choice is yours!

Bathroom Painting

Whether you envision endless spa days or a fun place where your children will learn to brush their teeth, the bathroom is another hot spot in the home that could use a little TLC from time to time. If it’s time for a refresh, let us do the heavy lifting.

House Painting Services

  • Exterior painting
  • Staining and painting
  • Restoration painting
  • Green Painting

Interior painting, the most effective way of transforming or restoring the look of your home or office. It not only transforms, it will add a remark of elegance to your interiors. To make your process of transformation in a unique and spiking way, our skilled team of interior painters are ready to plaster or paint your home or office interiors and restore or enhance the environment in which you live or work. As a Painting contractor in Bangalore, G-five clean and care have worked with home and business owners, property managers and developers creating customised interiors and exteriors. We are promising meticulous attention to detail from start to finish. Each one of our painting professionals is honest & reliable and has years of interior painting experience. so we can assure you that your interior painting projects and decorating will be completed to the highest standard. We have maintained a commitment to excellence at competitive prices, establishing a reputation for professionalism, dependability and top quality workmanship in Bangalore. We are your interior painting experts. Communication and understanding ensure a sound partnership and our goal of success is our client’s satisfaction. We offer services for any type of structure whether it be a small apartment or a big commercial building and everything in between. We pride ourselves in being versatile and giving our clients the best possible professional work.

There is nothing more personal than having someone in your home. We at the Painting Pro value the trust it takes and take it to heart. Our professional full-time interior painters will put your mind at ease with the quality of their work and the honest dignity they bring to the job. We are so confident you will love your new paint job. Payment is due when the job is done and you are satisfied. We are licensed and insured.

Our Process

  • Confirm all the products and colors in writing the day we start your interior painting
  • We carefully cover all your floors, furniture, cabinets etc to protect from over spray or drips
  • We sand and prime woodwork as needed to promote adhesion and optimise the performance of the topcoat.
  • We take our time to cut in straight lines and don’t skimp on paint to create a beautiful finish
  • If there is anything you are unhappy with during or after the project is completed, we will make it right for you.
  • If you are currently living in the home, we customise a plan that best fits your needs. This can vary from using a basic brush and roll technique throughout your home to breaking up the project into different stages and completing a full interior repaint, one section at a time. This approach allows us to paint one side of your home while you live on the other side.
  • While we can just paint a room or two for you, our most common interior painting project is a home that was just purchased and is ready for a complete interior painting makeover!


If We Have An Empty Home Ready For Painting We Typically Follow These Steps:

  1. First of all we cover all the floors, window, vanities, railings, counters, etc. so that all of the non-painted surfaces stay protected.
  2. Then, we lightly sand and clean all of the trim and doors in the house and after caulking all the cracks we spray two coats of a durable semi-gloss enamel on the trim and doors. Initially, many people don’t think we need to paint the trim, but doing so really gives the project a finished new home feel.
  3. After the trim and doors are finished, we fill all the nail holes and cracks and re texture as needed. We also use a stain blocking primer on areas as needed to seal out smoke, crayon or markers, and any other unidentifiable markings!
  4. Once the walls have been thoroughly prepped, we apply as many coats of paint as necessary to create a beautiful finish on the walls. We usually use a low sheen or eggshell finish unless otherwise specified.
  5. For the ceiling we either paint it the same color as the walls or if a different color is chosen such as white, we then mask the walls off and spray the ceiling last.
  6. Lastly, we clean up all the drops and masking, give your home a final walk through and perform touch up as needed.